Download Pleade

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Pleade is downloaded using the services of the Pleade collaborative site on Sourceforge. In particular, you can go to the download section to see the list of available distributions.

The last distribution (Pleade 3.59)  is available directly by clicking on the icon:

This "executable" distribution of Pleade is available as an archive. Once decompressed, you can launch Pleade directly and use it on your workstation. For more information, see the installation documentation.

To obtain the full sources of Pleade, you must use the SVN services of the collaborative site.

Attention: The Pleade app "as downloaded" is a distributed application for testing purposes. That application is configured to operate on all types of machines. The resources allocated to that application are limited voluntarily.

Pleade is also an open source application in constant evolution. For security reasons, only features that are in stable mode are available in the downloadable version.

To test the full version, use the contact form to submit a request.