To work with Pleade, it is possible to obtain a set of services related to its operation: Examples:

  • On-site or remote installation and configuration of a Pleade infrastructure.
  • Pleade installation and maintenance training.
  • Training for the use of Pleade for content managers (archivists, librarians, ...).
  • Third-party application maintenance and support for Pleade.
  • Physical hosting and outsourcing of a server (Linux or Windows) dedicated to a Pleade solution (Webapps, data, middleware, ...).
  • Pleade's integration into a particular Internet (or intranet) infrastructure.
  • Expertise and advice for the creation of research tools in EAD.
  • Helps to design a research instrument corpus architecture to be put online with Pleade.
  • Integration of a Pleade solution adapted to each specificity of research instruments.
  • Creating or adapting Pleade application graphics.
  • Integration of functionalities or add-ons.
  • Developing additional features.
  • Pleade 2: Integrating Viewer & Image Server & nbsp; Pleade 3 to replace Navimages.

These services are offered by AJLSM, the manager of Pleade. For more information, please use the contact form.